5 MAJOR Ways that Food Can Impact Your Health

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

1. 70% of Cancers could be prevented by a change in diet and lifestyle. Obesity is a key factor in the development of cancer because the most inflammatory cell in the body is the fat cell. Sugar (insulin) can also directly feed the growth of tumors. On the flip side, foods such as turmeric (circumin) and ginger have some of the most anti-inflammatory molecules found in all of nature!

2. Heart Disease affects 1 in 4 Americans, and it’s biggest risk factor is high cholesterol. Optimal levels of LDL in the human body are between 50-70 mg/dL, making the total cholesterol reading at or below 150. The average reading in America is 200 mg/dL. By simply boosting your Omega-3 rich foods and lowering your saturated fat (Omega-6) consumption, you could change the course of your health and significantly reduce your risk of heart attack.

3. High cholesterol and saturated fat intake is also associated with the development of Alzheimer’s. Women with high saturated fat intake have a 60-70% greater chance of cognitive decline over time. On the other hand, Harvard researchers found that women who consumed just one serving of blueberries and two servings of strawberries each week (due to their high flavonoid levels) had slower rate of cognitive decline by more than 2 1/2 years!

4. Fiber is a great preventative against stroke. One study found that increasing intake by just 7 grams a day is associated with a 7% risk reduction in stroke.

5. Broccoli can help to prevent lung disease. A study gave smokers 25x the average American’s broccoli intake per day (equivalent of one stalk). Broccoli-eating smokers suffered 41% fewer DNA mutations in their bloodstream over a period of 10 days than non-broccoli eating smokers. This is associated with a lowered risk of lung cancer developing. With that being said, quitting is always the best option!

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