Holistic Nutrition: Getting to the Bottom Line

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Today, there is nutrition advice everywhere. A new fad diet that is better than the last, a new green smoothie to try, a new reason why all of the foods that you love are bad for you. All of this information is not necessarily bad or untrue, but the fact that it is being delivered by such a wide variety of sources that may or may not be qualified to do so makes the topic of nutrition more and more confusing.

I get it, the information is overwhelming, but my hope for this program is that it breaks all of that down for you, and puts things into a perspective that is evidence-based, understandable and easy to apply to your own lifestyle.

Nutrition with Noel will only focus on the facts. If you are reading it here, be assured that it is backed by published studies, licensed physicians and scientific evidence. Some of the information that I share will still be controversial, and may go against what you thought was true about the food that you eat. This is simply because the food industry and those companies that market for them have worked hard to create a false narrative surrounding their products, when in reality many of them contain harmful ingredients that are having a domino of negative effects on your health.

Knowledge is power, and the best way to take control of your health is by educating yourself on the foods that fuel your wellness rather than fight it. There are a number of tools in my program that can help you do just that. If you are interested in making the first step, schedule your consultation today and let's get to work!

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